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About Startup Expo

Startup Expo is ideal for startups in ideation or seed pre-seed stages and partners in ideation or seed pre-seed stages wanting to market their product, gain user feedback,  and/or grab the attention of potential investors or strategic partnerships. We aim to set up stalls for startups across various industries/sectors, enabling them to showcase their startups and products, ensuring increased exposure, and helping them get funded.

Rules and Regulation
    Startups will be notified by email and phone after the review and selection process has been completed.
    The Organizing team will assign a unique slot number to each selected startup, along with a point of contact.
    The organizing committee may make a formal communication with your team for further clarification if required.
Eligibility Criteria
    Any attempts to cheat or provide false information will result in disqualification.
    Ideation, validation and seed stage and if you are already backed by someone don’t worry we got you covered
Perks of Participating


For winner and participants.

Funding Oppurtunities

From Top Investors and Incubators

Exciting Goodies

For Winners and participants

Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Access to Speaker Sessions

Access to Speaker Sessions
Event Coordinators
Shyam Ashish
Pratyush Chauhan
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