Startup Expo

A great platform for a startup to showcase themselves and interact with anyone they want to, be it customers, industries, professionals and businessmen or investors. A great ground to receive 360-degree feedback.

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We are thrilled to present before you Startup Expo 4.0, which serves as a podium for rendezvous of innovative start-ups and a wide array of investors who are ready to cash in for novel ideas.

The Expo is aimed at providing entrepreneurs with a high visibility transformative platform where they can showcase their ventures, meet investors, find potential customers, receive one-on-one mentoring, explore partnership opportunities, and interact with all the stakeholders that can help them scale new heights.


Free Consulting Services

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Free consulting services and 50% discount on legal services by Startups.Karo


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Free credits from AWS


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4000$ worth credits from freshworks

Invideo subscription

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Special discounts on Invedio subscription

Investment Opportunity

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Investment Opportunities from GradCapital, NewVentures and many more 

Incubation Opportunity

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Incubation Opportunity from Tides Business Incubator , IIT Roorkee 

Each startup may consist of atleast one to utmost three members
A timeslot would be provided to the startups in which they can connect with the investors
It is an online event; you can participate from anywhere!

Yes, the event is completely online.

It is yet to be decided but we will let the participating startups know it asap.

Yes, a startup from any sector can participate.

We are looking generally for startups in their seed funding stage or incubation/pre-incubation stage. But don't worry and feel free to contact the organizers in any other case as well.

No. Every startup stands an equal chance of funding opportunity and will be visited by every investor of the event.

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Startup Expo
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