To find a way out of the darkness that has engulfed us over the past two years, the Indian youth needs to take on the mantle and show us the path to a new world where optimism, creativity, innovation, and ambition thrive. The new edition of Entrepreneurship Summit is a 3-day event that is being organized with the vision of providing a platform that stimulates discussion on ideas that possess the potential to turn the issues troubling us into an opportunity to revolutionize the world. E-Summit 23 will present rays of hope so dazzling that they penetrate even the darkness that veils our eyes.

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IIT Roorkee will host the E-Summit'23 aims to provide a platform for discussion on innovative ideas that have the potential to transform current challenges into opportunities for positive change. The goal of the event is to inspire and offer rays of hope to attendees.

E-Summit 22 is organised by E-Cell IIT Roorkee which is one of the Largest Entrepreneurship Promoting college body in Asia.E-Summit has hosted some of the most prominent stalwarts of the industry over the years including but not limited to Startup expo, speaker events and much more

E-Summit 2023 organized by ecell IIT Roorkee will bring every one with lithora of opportunity.Esummit 2022 organized between 21 Jan to 23 Jan which promates the idea of startup india also giving opportunity of networkink funding and much more. Hope to see you in E-summit 22 organized by IIT Roorkee

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About E-Summit
We are excited to announce the upcoming Esummit IIT Roorkee, an event bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders from around the world. This year's Esummit is extra special as we are celebrating the 175th year of IIT Roorkee. We believe that the Esummit will be a valuable platform for startups to showcase their innovative ideas and build relationships with key players in the industry
E-Summit being the flagship event of ECell, is held annually brings together the academic community,
E-Summit being the flagship event of ECell, is held annually brings together the academic community, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs and all those passionate about entrepreneurship to common grounds.
Events and Competitions

A competition for students to transform their amateur business ideas into professional business plans and pitch them in front of investors.

Investors' Vista

Investors' Vista is an event where participants showcase their skills in startup investment, with expert mentorship and competition for top honors.

Startup Expo

Startup Expo is ideal for early-stage/ seed-funded startups and partners wanting to market their products and grab the attention of potential investors or strategic partnerships.​

Mandar Joshi
Executive Chairman- MStrategy Global
Namo Kaul
Director of Unacademy
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Vice president Polygon